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Kerry Kelley Correction, S Shanks
Kerry Kelley Correction, S Shanks
Designer: Kerry Kelley

Sku: 65
Price: 250.00


Here's an extremely popular bit by Kerry Kelley. The mouthpiece is a medium port correction with ball hinges and copper wrapped bars. The bit has Cavalry style shanks with ball hinges. You will see this bit in a vast number of trainers' tack rooms. It is well suited for the advanced horse with a relatively straight point of pull and considerable leverage. The bit will react more quickly than say, the same mouthpiece with the shorter swept back shanks. (New)

Additional Photos:
Full Image Number 2: Kerry Kelley Correction, S Shanks

Image Number 3: Kerry Kelley Correction, S Shanks

Image Number 4: Kerry Kelley Correction, S Shanks

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