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Rancho Murieta
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February 26-March 1st

Scottsdale, Az
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March 2-8th
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About Us is a new website designed to answer the question - "Why hasn't there been one place to find all the better brands of bits that the performance horse professionals have hanging in their tack rooms?" The team at has been spying on the pros- at the major shows and, yes, even in their tack rooms- and trying to answer the question - "What do trainers like Bob Avila, Benny Guitron, Andrea Fappani, and Tom Lange really use when their reputation, their life's work and their customer's world and futurity champion horses are on the line?" "What are reiners and cowhorse riders really using? "Why can't I find Ray Maheu Bits, Kerry Kelley Bits and Spurs, Garcia Bits, Greg Darnell Bits, Balding Bits and Spurs, Darryl Davis, Bill Freeman Bits, Chuck Letchworth Bits, plus custom bits by Tracy Brumley, Billy Klapper, Pat Vaughn, Ernie Marsh bits and others when I want and need them?" Look through this site- and you'll find many of the answers, along with the largest selection of hand made (yes mostly American made) bits and spurs anywhere. No more waiting for the Quarter Horse Congress or the NCHA futurity to find the right bit. In addition we offer quality strap goods to go along with your bit and spur purchases.


"Why, when bits are so expensive, can't I try them like I would any other piece of equipment?"
You can here - with our trade back program. Please read our unique return policy on bits.

"Where can I trade the good bits that I don't use and get real money for them without the hassles of ebay?"
We are always interested in purchasing and trading for the finer western bits and spurs that you aren't using.

Pick out what you need- and let us know what you have to trade- if they are marked bits, (sorry no trade ins on imported Asian bits) in good shape we want to know about them.

Contact us about trading in quality, handmade bits and spurs. Sorry at this time we do not accept imported items. An email with a description and 1 picture of the bit laying flat will be sufficient to begin with.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to add our site to your favorites. We are constantly adding inventory and educational content.


The team at

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